Crafting Healthy Snacks on-the-go: My Journey to Creating Yummmm!Bar

We all want to fuel our bodies so that we can keep doing the things we love. Finding convenient yet nutritious snacks is challenging—especially among all of the misleading marketing that we find on our supermarket shelves! That’s why I created Yummmm!Bars, the delectable and healthy on-the-go snack that fills you up with real food ingredients to fuel your busy lifestyle. 

I started Yummmm!Bars because I craved healthy, convenient snacks made with wholesome ingredients. Are you craving healthy snacks that don’t compromise on taste? Read on to discover how Yummmm!Bars are the best snack to make hunger fade away.

Discovering the Need for Wholesome Snacks

When I was an uber-busy corporate employee, packaged “health” bars were my trusty companions during long hours at work and running between meetings. However, I read the ingredient labels, I realized they weren't as healthy as I initially thought. Determined to create a snack that was both nutritious and delicious, I began experimenting with different recipes in my kitchen.

From Kitchen Creations to Business Beginnings

Initially, I was simply making bars for myself. I never imagined that it would go any further than my own kitchen! I shared my creations with my sister and some colleagues at work, and it left such an impression on one co-worker that he suggested I turn it into a business. This planted the idea in my mind that I might turn Yummmm!Bars into a sort of side-hustle. 

Between my full-time corporate job, teaching yoga on the side, and developing Yummmm!Bars, life got pretty hectic and I considered not moving forward with my business. My intuition told me that I should stick with it—even though there were many days I wanted to throw in the towel.


My very first Yummmm!Bar banner came in the mail and my family was very excited to see it.

Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Wins

Starting and running a business takes a lot of grit and determination. One of the initial hurdles I encountered was the overwhelming number of permits, licenses, and insurance required of a food-based business. The process is slow and navigating the systems takes patience and flexibility. 

Another challenge that many business owners will relate to is knowing the value of your product and pricing it what it’s worth. When I first started making Yummmm!Bars, I was so excited that people loved them and wanted to buy them that I didn’t price them competitively. I soon realized that I was undermining both my product and my business, especially given the time and high-quality ingredients that go into a premium bar.

One significant hurdle in the Y!Bar journey stands out vividly: a co-worker discovered a hardware nail in their sample bar, just as I was introducing my product to colleagues and friends! I was horrified and embarrassed. Strangely enough, the co-worker wasn’t fazed, and even placed an order. But the idea of someone potentially getting sick or hurt from my bars weighed heavily on me. I found every excuse possible to avoid moving forward, but something inside me urged me to keep going. So, I held on to that hardware nail as a reminder to persevere through challenges. Later, I found out that the nail came from the store where I bought my ingredients, and I made it my mission to implement STRICT quality control measures.

As I built up my business and a caring community along with it…our Instagram account got hacked. You can read more about what happened here.

Moral of the story: setbacks are often teachable moments that make our businesses—and our lives-even better.

Yummmm!Bars Are More Than Just a Snack

I chose the sunset as the logo for Yummmm!Bars because of my obsession with sunrises and sunsets. Each sunrise offers a fresh start, and watching the sunset at the end of a challenging day reminds us to let go and allow difficulties to fade away (and represents the fact that Y!Bars are the best snack to fade hunger away)!







Yummmm! Bar's mission is to offer our community a healthier, more functional snack option without compromising on taste. 

We aim to provide people with the energy they need to tackle whatever life throws their way—whether you’re getting through a tough day at the office, hitting the beach for a day of surfing, or hiking for a gorgeous view of an early-morning sunrise.

Delivering Feel-Good, On-the-Go Snacks: Yummmm!Bar's Mission Accomplished

I’m thankful every day that I did not let my fear of failure or major setbacks get in the way of continuing the Yummmm!Bar journey. I take pride in my team, am grateful for the support of my community in backing my Y!Bar venture, and feel so fortunate to share wholesome, nutritious food with my family, friends, and the world every day! I still feel a rush of excitement every time a sale comes through the website, and I cherish the moments when I see my customers at the farmer’s markets.

It brings me such joy to imagine kids growing up with Y!Bar as their snack of choice; enjoying it during recess and inspiring their teachers to go out and buy it themselves. Beyond that, I take pride in providing job opportunities and making a positive impact in the lives of families by creating healthy, delicious, and convenient on-the-go snacks!

Reading about Yummmm!Bars’ beginnings make you crave a healthy, convenient, portable snack? Order yours today to support our small business!



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