Podcast: Entrepreneurship & Brand Building

It was an honor to be on the panelist of amazing women sharing our journey with Entrepreneurship & Brand Building and so much more.  The panelists are also content partners.  Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from sponsoring their mission, spreading the word about the work they do and collaborating with them on content like this. Check it out!

Vicky Nguyen | Founder/Owner of Yummmm!Bar & Yoga Instructor
 Small business owner of a healthy snack bar business, yoga instructor, and intuitive organizer.

Teju Aluko | Chief Experience Officer
 Intuitive empath, Brand Strategist, and Change Agent championing using emotions + feelings for brand building, longevity, loyalty, and increased return on investment.

Liberty Cordova | Clean, Transparent, Sustainable Fragrance
 Multi-hyphenate Founder of a company known as the anti-fragrance fragrance company.

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