Finding Bliss and Balance in Bali: An Entrepreneur's Journey to Refuel Her Passion

Physical and mental exhaustion led me to the beautiful Bali. Following a huge setback in my business, this trip became an important step to reconnect with myself, embracing entrepreneur self-care to refuel my energy and motivation for a new beginning. 

Why I Went to Bali

I was completely burnt out trying to do it ALL as an entrepreneur. I had nothing left to give: physically, mentally, or emotionally.  I was running on empty, but the need to keep going – working myself past burnout – nearly stopped me from giving myself time to reset. 

My mind and body practically screamed at me to take a real break, something more than just a brief getaway. I wanted total mind and body rejuvenation. What I truly craved was introspective inner work and spiritual renewal.  

Americans tend to be constant worker bees without taking any significant time off. The standard “break” for employees in the US is only two weeks out of an entire year, which is not nearly enough.  

I wanted to avoid burnout. I needed to avoid it. Entrepreneur self-care is so important. So, this time, I listened to my body. 


Taking Time to Rejuvenate in Bali's Healing Culture

Every time I travel, I set an intention to simply relax and reconnect with myself, not just sit around drinking Mai Tais. 

I ask myself: What do I want to get out of this trip? 

I love that the Balinese believe strongly in the importance of recharging and being fully present. Rooted in their cultural values is the importance of taking intentional breaks for creativity and motivation to flourish.

That’s one of the reasons why I attended a healing retreat in Bali – to relax and redirect inward. The retreat provided mental clarity and renewed passion through self-workshops. It was through these experiences that I was able to feel more creative and inspired, gaining clarity by removing myself from the daily grind. 


How the Balinese People Touched My Heart

During my stay, I was touched by the Balinese people's gentle, joyful energy. You can see it in the way they smile, a genuine, authentic smile full of heart.  

They have a profound sense of inner bliss, despite the economic hardships they’ve faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. I learned that many worked at least three jobs. And yet, their authentic kindness still shined through. It was like they mastered the state of peace, finding their inner smile even during the most challenging situations. 


I was greeted everywhere I went, welcomed into their homes, had meals prepared for me, and given rides back to my hotel. They openly trusted me without fear of stealing or harm. It was this trust in advance that immediately made me feel at ease – a sense of community that touched almost every aspect of my trip.  

I was also lucky enough to experience it for myself while I was there! A restaurant owner wanted to give back to her community, so she created a cooking class for housewives in her neighborhood. She brought them all together, patiently teaching them English and how to teach us how to cook. None of these ladies had any hotel or restaurant work experience, but it wasn’t a requirement. It was inspiring to see how one gives back to those around them with so much joy and generosity of spirit. 

Their spiritual calm and selfless care inspired me tremendously.


Balinese Culture - A Slower Pace Focused on Joy

The Balinese are intentional about taking joyful breaks throughout the day. And as a result, life moves at an unhurried pace without unnecessary stress​​a gentle reminder of the possibilities when moving through the day with mindfulness. 

This intentional approach also extends to their diet of eating fresh, clean, locally-sourced foods. 

Bali's food culture is a mix of local traditions and influences, rooted in the island's Hindu background. What stands out to me is the focus on fresh ingredients. Balinese markets are filled with exotic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 


With its coastal location, seafood plays a significant role in the cuisine. Whether it's a simple breakfast of "bubur sumsum" or enjoying grilled fish by the beach at sunset, Bali's food culture is a celebration of the island's resources and cultural background.

They’re mindful of what they put in their bodies, while still enjoying the freshness of natural food. Truthfully, I always get sick when I go back to the States because of the sheer amount of processed foods offered in our grocery stores. It takes my body a bit to recover as I get back into the swing of things. 

After traveling, it’s easy to slip back into the familiar rhythms. But this time, I didn’t return back to the same old routine. I set the stage for a new era – a new “grind.” I learned so much in Bali. From their way of life to the food they make, everything is done with care and conscious decision. 

And what I experienced and the lessons I learned actually gave me inspiration for a new recipe with ingredients direct from Bali that I think you’ll enjoy!


A Taste of Bali Bliss - Limited Edition

During the Bali retreat, I had so much fun with the different flavor profiles, and for this holiday season, I want to gift you with a taste of something fun and adventurous – something precious that came out of my entrepreneur self-care journey.

I've created a limited edition of "Bali Bliss Bars" packed with exotic flavors from ingredients I brought home from Bali!

This is a taste of Bali's magic you can savor anytime, inspired by the memories and experiences I had during my trip there.

Here’s a glimpse into what I’ve created:

Bali Bliss Yummmm!Bars in our shop while supplies last!


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